The wicker baskets are objects of common use that are well suited to being decorated in a nice way, original . By choosing the right decorations, we can transform this simple container into a particularly appreciated gift or a refined taste ornament . Here is how to decorate and customize wicker baskets.


  • 200 gr of flour; 100 gr of salt; 100 gr of water
  • acrylic or tempera colors; rolling pin; toothpick;
  • wicker basket; moss;

To decorate the basket we will use eight small carnations made with salt dough. Mix the ingredients, until obtaining a ductile and easy to handle. We can color the raw dough thus obtained with food colors from pastry: if they are powdered they will be diluted in water, if, instead, they are liquid and very concentrated, they will be added to the dough with the dropper. After cooking we can color the salt dough decorations using tempera or acrylic colors.

With the dough of salt dough we can make different types of flowers, such as roses, daisies or carnations. To prepare the latter, let’s roll out a strip of thin dough with a rolling pin, 2 cm high and 7 cm long. With the appropriate wheel we dentize one of the lengths and, after having first folded it between the fingers, we roll it softly on itself. Then we tighten the base of the flower, leaving the notched margin free and moving it away from the center.

The cooking of small pasta sculptures with salt must be very slow, at a temperature that does not exceed 70-80 ° C. We will have to keep the items to be cooked in the oven for 3 to 10 hours, depending on the thickness of the dough: during this time we can easily open the door to check, without the risk of damaging them. They will be perfectly cooked when beating them with a teaspoon, they will emit a dry sound in every part, even the thickest one.

We take a sheet of aluminum paper and, crumpling it, we form a ball.Place it in the basket and let’s plant the toothpicks that form the stems of the flowers. Then cover it with dry moss. In place of aluminum we can use a piece of polystyrene or a synthetic green florist sponge.

If we want to decorate the wicker basket in an easier way, we can use the acrylic colors: with the sandpaper we lightly smooth the surface of the basket, then with a brush we remove the dust. We take a transparent fixative glaze and we pass it on the whole surface, then we choose the acrylic colors that we like the most and we paint the basket. We can paint it with a solid color background, many colors, striped, checkered, polka dots and as we like.

Once we finished, we can use the colored ribbons, maybe you do as a contrast to the colors used and apply them with hot glue around the basket. Take the cloth and flowers we place at center, or use of small rhinestones and always lets apply them with a little ‘hot glue. To finish everything we use a transparent fixative glaze and we pass it on the whole surface of the basket, in order to create a shiny effect.