You can use it in the kitchen by putting bread or fruit , in the room of your children putting colors, make a beauty case, so you can use it in many ways, we are talking about the plastic basket
You have cleaned in your cantinola or in the attic and you found a discreet series of plastic baskets of all types and sizes? There are so many ways to reuse them and use them for other useful purposes, and that maybe you would not even think about it. Today, as never before, the art of recycling is coming back into fashion for the sake of portfolios . This guide will explain to you how to recycle plastic baskets. Enjoy the reading!
If you cover a small plastic basket with film paper inside and add some dirt, you can plant in this container a flower to hang with nylon thread, in a corner of your apartment and give the room a touch of originality. Instead, if you overturn a basket and secure it securely over the buds of a flower bed in your garden or garden, you will protect the seedlings from any unwanted visits of rats and squirrels.
If you are tired of your tricks scattered here and there in the bathroom and you do not know how to do it, the trash can be a nice solution. Just put on top of what you need, you can also beautify the basket by gluing colored paper and making a personalized basket, which only you will have. Giving space to the imagination you can make many nice objects and at the same time useful.

Put balls of string or twine in two plastic bins tied together by pulling the head out of one of the holes, you will get a comfortable twine. If instead you cover the inside of an aluminum paper basket, you can get a useful bread roll or croutons and you can still use it to strain the pasta in case of emergency in a camping for example, or to wash the fruit or vegetables and excess water will fall from the holes.

If you overturn a basket and place it inside a large vase, it will keep the stems of the flowers straight if instead they are tied one on top of the other, you will get a cage to carry small pets like hamsters or baby turtles. Shortly before the sowing season, you can prepare the seeds by planting them in some appropriately prepared baskets and when the first seedlings appear, you can transplant them in the garden or in the vegetable garden. You will thus have excellent first fruits.