For a sweet and special gift to a dear friend, one of the most beautiful ideas will be to prepare delicious homemade sweets, such as tasty muffins or delicious and colorful cupcakes. Good rule is, however, to present a special gift with an equally special packaging. Here is a guide to find out, then, how to create an original and colorful basket of little card holders , so as to make even a surprise special that, already in itself, will be good and tasty. A simple cardboard basket can be transformed into a little holder that will be a gift box for chocolates, sweets and so on. So let’s see how to create the little basket with little and cheap colored cardboard.


  • Colored cards
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • brushes
  • acrylic colors
  • coloured pens
  • straw
  • decorative letter
  • ruler
  • vinyl glue
  • stapler

First and foremost, the first operation to be carried out to create the basket of little card holders, will consist in making the small cardboard basket. On a sheet of decorative paper, of your favorite fantasy, draw with a pencil the outline of a small square basket with a handle, then cut it carefully using a pair of scissors. After doing this, assemble your small basket, carefully pinching the different sides of the square of cardboard created and fixing, in the same way, also the handle. If you want to decorate the handle, draw and cut out many polka dots or other shapes from the various colored cards.

Next, take a colored cardboard, yellow, and bring the outline of a small chick, tracing it with a soft pencil, from a pre-printed outline. Similarly on other cards of different colors, obtained the shape of small Easter eggs and various small flowers. Continue the work, accurately cutting out all the decorative shapes made, then colored and carefully finished the details of the little chick’s face, using a fine brush and the black and white acrylic colors. Afterwards, let everything dry.

At this point, outline and finish with the black, white and red marker the shape of the eyes, beak and cheeks of the chick. Now, finish the various little flowers and colored eggs of cardboard, marking in particular the shapes of the flowers and the veins of the leaves. On small Easter eggs of cardboard, then, draw some imaginative decorations. Finish the job by gluing the chick, the eggs and the small cardboard flowers around your basket with the vinyl glue. Finally, fill the little basket with straw and all the sweets you like.