Most of the crepe papers have folds about 50 cm wide and a couple of meters long, so it is possible to create decorations of various kinds and cover objects that may have been set aside, inside your own home. The baskets, for example, are very versatile furnishing accessories and can be decorated in various ways, personalizing them as desired, In this guide will be shown how to cover a basket with crepe paper .


  • Crepe paper
  • Hot glue
  • Sewing machine
  • Colored thread
  • Edged metal cable
  • Scissors
  • Ago

Without opening the crepe paper, cut a 12.5 cm section, then open it, in order to obtain a nice long strip. Cut a second section, which should be about 10 cm. Make some frills with the 2 strips of paper. Set the sewing machine on a straight and wide enough stitch. Use your hands to pre-collect the paper and then sew it through the machine, sewing up the center of the paper strip. If you do not have a sewing machine, you can do this part with a needle and a long thread, simply by making a running stitch and picking up the crepe paper by hand.

To cover the handle of the basket, use an edged metal cable; it is also possible to use some thread wound in the ribbon. Cut a length of 45 cm, fold it into a horseshoe shape and use a hot glue dot to secure it on the outside of the basket on both sides. Take the 10 cm wide ruff and cut a length that covers only the inside of the basket. With hot glue, coat about 1 cm inside the edge of the basket and press the ruffle into place. Take the 12.5 cm ruffle and align the top with the ruffle that you have already inserted in the basket, blocking it over the bottom of the basket. Place a strip of hot glue about 1 cm from the bottom of the container and press the ruffle into place. Once the whole basket has been covered,

Finish the basket by sliding a strip of glue along the entire end of the ruffle and pressing down. Use the scissors to clean the bottom edge, cutting it flush with the bottom of the basket. Cut a length of cord long enough to wrap the basket. Cover the points and rotate the ends or glue them to hold them firmly and in place. Decorate the basket using ribbons, doilies, flowers, leaves and anything you want. Fill the trash can in half with shredded colored paper or another type of material to create the padding.