At this point you subdivide the strip of silk, folded like a fan, in many sectors of the width of 1 cm. In each of them, with the help of a cutter, make many thin cuts up to the exact half of the strip. Now fold again the pieces of silk on themselves. Thus ruffles the tabs so as to make them look almost like bristles of a brush. Finally, wrap these frayed ribbons around the edges and the handle of the basket.

Now you do not have to do the last operation to complete the construction of the basket, insert the bottom and fix all the pieces with invisible points of nylon thread, very suitable for this work as it is transparent and resistant. This process requires a lot of precision, with a meticulous work you will have an enviable result.



In this guide I teach you how to make a basket with fringed objects using a very nice and refined material, that is the sheet of silk paper that, due to its particular elegance, is also used as wallpaper in the furniture sector. A basket that can be used to embellish your home, or as a gift for a loved one. Below we see how to proceed step by step. Good job!

First of all, draw a strip about 45 cm long and about 6 cm wide on the flexible board to create the edges and side walls of our basket. Then measure on the board another strip that is 45 cm long but only 2 cm wide, which will be used this time to make the handle. Then cut the two pieces with great care respecting the measures already marked. Now bend the strip of edges so as to form a cylinder and join the two ends helping with the stapler.

Now lay the cylinder over the rest of the cardboard and draw the inner circumference. Cut out the resulting circle, always respecting the margins already marked with a pen. Thus, fix the strip of the handle to the rim, always using the stapler to be faster and quicker or, for those who prefer, using a needle and a fairly resistant thread.

After making all the parts of the basket and assembling them together, it goes to the covering phase of the same using silk paper. Choose the one you like best, from the decorations to the colors, it’s up to you to decide the style you prefer. Proceed with the silk sheet, you will have to fold each zig-zag cut until it is reduced to a thin strip about 3 cm wide. Perform the same operation for all the paper.



The wicker baskets are definitely a great way to add a touch of originality to any room in the house. Easily customizable, they can be used to improve your decor, or to pack your gifts for friends and relatives. Decorating a wicker basket can turn out to be a simple or more elaborate operation, depending on what you intend to do. The natural composition of the basket, with the fabric texture , allows you to place objects inside it, or simply to tie them to the handle. In this regard, we see below some tips that will explain how to customize a wicker basket . We proceed!

First of all, if yours is a rather large and capacious basket, it can be used as a kennel for your little four-legged friend. Of course, it will be necessary to make the basket rather comfortable and comfortable, so as to favor the rest of the puppies. First, look for pieces of cloth, which you will need to line the basket. Choose whether to give the kennel a cheerful air with printed and colored fabrics or a chic touch with a single color drape, perhaps enriched with lace and lace. Then roll out two sheets of wrapping paper and cut out the shapes that will correspond to the base and side walls of the basket.

Next, cut them and place them on top of the fabric chosen for the lining: stop the paper from the fabric with pins and, with the scissors, follow the edge of the two previously obtained models. Remember to leave a few centimeters more on the edges for the subsequent internal seams and about ten centimeters more on the outer edges of the side shapes. At this point, assemble the two parts by hand with needle and thread. Alternatively, proceed with a sewing machine. Once the cover is finished, the base of the basket must be filled.


The ideal

Place an old cushion, large enough to cover all the available space: in this way, you can remove and wash the pillow whenever necessary. An alternative could be foam padding, but this coating would have the disadvantage that it could not be easily removed and washed to ensure proper hygiene of the kennel. To finish the basket, just cover the cushion with the lining, turn the excess of the fabric towards the outer walls and stop it with tape or an elastic band. Good job!


For a sweet and special gift to a dear friend, one of the most beautiful ideas will be to prepare delicious homemade sweets, such as tasty muffins or delicious and colorful cupcakes. Good rule is, however, to present a special gift with an equally special packaging. Here is a guide to find out, then, how to create an original and colorful basket of little card holders , so as to make even a surprise special that, already in itself, will be good and tasty. A simple cardboard basket can be transformed into a little holder that will be a gift box for chocolates, sweets and so on. So let’s see how to create the little basket with little and cheap colored cardboard.First and foremost, the first operation to be carried out to create the basket of little card holders, will consist in making the small cardboard basket. On a sheet of decorative paper, of your favorite fantasy, draw with a pencil the outline of a small square basket with a handle, then cut it carefully using a pair of scissors. After doing this, assemble your small basket, carefully pinching the different sides of the square of cardboard created and fixing, in the same way, also the handle. If you want to decorate the handle, draw and cut out many polka dots or other shapes from the various colored cards.



The wicker baskets are objects of common use that are well suited to being decorated in a nice way, original . By choosing the right decorations, we can transform this simple container into a particularly appreciated gift or a refined taste ornament . Here is how to decorate and customize wicker baskets.

To decorate the basket we will use eight small carnations made with salt dough. Mix the ingredients, until obtaining a ductile and easy to handle. We can color the raw dough thus obtained with food colors from pastry: if they are powdered they will be diluted in water, if, instead, they are liquid and very concentrated, they will be added to the dough with the dropper. After cooking we can color the salt dough decorations using tempera or acrylic colors.

With the dough of salt dough we can make different types of flowers, such as roses, daisies or carnations. To prepare the latter, let’s roll out a strip of thin dough with a rolling pin, 2 cm high and 7 cm long. With the appropriate wheel we dentize one of the lengths and, after having first folded it between the fingers, we roll it softly on itself. Then we tighten the base of the flower, leaving the notched margin free and moving it away from the center.

The cooking of small pasta sculptures with salt must be very slow, at a temperature that does not exceed 70-80 ° C. We will have to keep the items to be cooked in the oven for 3 to 10 hours, depending on the thickness of the dough: during this time we can easily open the door to check, without the risk of damaging them. They will be perfectly cooked when beating them with a teaspoon, they will emit a dry sound in every part, even the thickest one.